I would like to say thanks to the following persons
for their help with my Sammy collection.


Tammy-kins... For the BestBuy and Circuit City versions of Ten 13 with the bonus CD:s Live and raw in Cabo version 1 and Live and raw in Cabo version 2 and the Serious juju CD single. And my birhtdaypresent, The Ten13 Tour book and the Sammy video. Not to mention the Superstar Consert radio show (couldn't have done it without you). And the new Sammy CD Not 4 Sale.
Angie & Trevor... For the Cabo Wabo Tequila lamp they gave me when I was visiting the US for the first time to finally go to a Sammy concert. And for getting my banner signed by the band after the Houston show. I love you :-) Thanks.
Dave Green... The Nine On A Ten Scale record on the "FAME" lable. The Red Album on the "GREENLIGHT SERIES" lable. The Don't Tell Me cassette. The T-shirt from Cabo and the CW Tequila mini bottle. You rock old man ;-)
Setsuya Yamamoto... For the Japanese versions of Marcing to Mars and Balance.
Kim Taylor... For the Red Voodoo CD, the Red Voodoo ltd. w/ bonus disc! and the Sammy car.And the BEST! The signed Mas Tequila tourbook and card. You are my girl! ;-)
Sonia Bar... The Sammy cars (the KIZZ cars) and the Sammy video.
Sheryl Dodson... The Sammy video.
Sander... The CW Tequila mini bottle and the CW bandanna.
Ron Higgins... For the SHML Archives.
Jenni Holmes... The live in St Louise CD.
Anthony Lewis... The Mas Tequila tourbook, the promo postcard and the Nine On A teen Scale CD


Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas... You are the BEST. Keep Rockin' !!!
Liza Cozad... Who started redrocker.com and the SHML.
Paula... Who took over after Liza. Keep up the good work!