Sammy Hagar
Van Hagar

Pretty Woman. Live 77/83/86. Italy
Eruption. Live In 83/86. Italy
Live And Alive 1983/1986. Germany
Live USA 1986-1992. Japan
Dynamic live. Japan
Greates Hits Live. Australia
Dangerous Performance. EEC
Dangerous Performance. USA
Dawn Of 5150. USA
Hanging In The Wreckage. France
Best Of Both Worlds. USA
Halen Hearty 86. Japan
5150 World Tour 1986. Japan
Live In U.S.A. 1986. Israel
Donington Live. Malaysia
One Way To Rock. Germany
USA 1986. Italy
World Tour . Tailand
Live In New Haven . Malaysia
Live In Concert. Brazil
Oneway. ?
New Halen. Italy
The Concert Series. Luxembourg
Live In Concert. Germany?
Live In Concert. Germany?
USA 1986. USA
Wild Things. Australia
Then And Now. ?
Love Walks In. Italy
Fuel On Fire. Italy
Stage Show. Germany
California Dreamin'. Germany
California Dreamin'. Germany
Main Event. Germany
Rock Express. USA
Got The Miracle Fingers. EEC
Lived 1989. Japan
A.F.U. Japan
City Nights. EEC
City Nights. EEC
I Can't Tell You. Japan
When It's Love. ?
Double Dutch Courage. Italy
7227. Italy
Finishin' What They.. Germany
Texas Blues. Luxembourg
Take It To The Top. Australia
One Way To Rock. ?
Live Jump. ?
US Your '92. Germany
Live In USA 92. Japan
Man On A Mission. Italy
Jump. ?
Daydream In Dallas. EEC
316. Italy
Van Halen USA 1992. Italy
Won't Get Fooled Again. ?
One In A Million. ?
Rake It And Rock Italy. ?
Van Halen Vol 1. Germany
Van Halen Vol 2. Germany
One Way To Rock. Italy
Rocking My Hometown. Italy?
A Secret Gig In Los Angeles. Italy
Secret Gig At Whisky-A-Go-Go. ?
Im Not Talking... Luxembourg?
Secret Gig. ?
1995. Germany
Bazooka. ?
Breaking The Balance. Italy
Factory Of Music. ?
Crack The Secret. ?
After Shock. Germany
Blastin. Czech Republic
The Usual Suspects. ?
Rocks The Beer Hall. Italy
Feelin' The Balance. ?
Live In United Kingdom. ?
Live 1995. Spain
Can't Stop Drivin'. Japan?
Balance Tour. Japan?
Japan Balance 1995. Argentina
Right Now 1995. Europe
Loud And Balanced. Europe
Spring Break '95. USA
Don't Tell Me. Europe
Van Halen Live. Germany
It's About Good Time. Japan
Dizzy. Japan
It's About Last Time. Japan
Live USA. Germany
Looney Tunes. Canada
World Ballad Collection. Russia
MP3 Collection. Russia
Van Halen 1. 1978-1995. Russia
Van Halen 2. 1985-1998. Russia
Monsters Of Rock. Russia
Golden Ballads. Russia
Grand Collection. Russia
Greatest Stars. Russia
MTV Music History. Russia
De Luxe Collection. Russia
Through The Years. Russia
Greatest Hits. Singapore
One Way To Rock II. Australia
One Way To Rock III. Australia
One Way To Rock IV. Australia
Van Halen Live Vol 1. Australia
Van Halen Live Vol 2. Australia
Unauthorised Live Vol 1. Australia